global - We not only teach in Switzerland and Germany, but throughout the world - wherever your location may be

digital - We teach with digital medias via various channels that you can tune into live or return to at a later point in time

face-to-face - We teach you where you are in traditional, active and efficient manner


Flying Teachers uses the award-winning Lingua-TV for effective e-learning. Learners can find videos in 12 languages to aid practice. The videos contain authentic situations involving native speakers of the language in question. This helps learners obtain vocabulary required and improve their pronunciation. General situations met in real life, interactive exercises like quizzes, crosswords and other games are available for the learner.

Online practice material


Speedlingua places emphasis on oral training. It uses the frequency range of the respective languages to aid audio perception, improve comprehension and practise fluent, confident expression and melody.

Virtual classroom

In virtual classrooms up to six participants can have their lesson together wherever they are located.
Communication between participants and teacher takes place via screen and headset. The teacher has at hand all electronic aids and numerous possibilities to interact with text and tasks.

More information available in our brochure: E-Learning