Cambridge English - Examinations

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Course name Start Location Price
C1 Business Higher BEC H 2023-11-18 Zurich CHF 289.00
C1 Advanced CAE 2023-11-18 Zurich CHF 299.00
B1 Business Preliminary BEC P 2023-11-25 Zurich CHF 169.00
B2 First FCE 2023-11-28 Zurich CHF 275.00
C2 Proficiency CPE 2023-11-30 Zurich CHF 400.00
B1 Preliminary PET 2023-12-01 Zurich CHF 199.00
B2 Business Vantage BEC V 2023-12-02 Zurich CHF 249.00
C1 Advanced CAE 2023-12-09 Zurich CHF 299.00
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