English teaching qualification

We provide industry-leading English teaching qualifications that prove what teachers of English can do. Taking one of these courses will improve your teaching knowledge and skills, help you build your confidence, and enable you to progress in your teaching career.

Our courses will give you real teaching experience, and will help you motivate and support your learners. All of our teaching qualifications are mapped to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework, and support teachers to deliver positive impact on learning in the classroom.

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CELTA information morning

You will receive more information about the CELTA on our information morning (10:00 am - 11:00 am). Further data on request.
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People wishing to teach English and looking for a recognised language teaching certificate cannot go wrong with a CELTA qualification. The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is targeted towards people with no or limited teaching experience, and offers them the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language throughout the world.

«Teaching English as a Foreign Language» (TEFL) as well as «Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages» (TESOL) are general terms used in the English teaching world. CELTA is the only certificate recognised throughout the world.

The CELTA course is taught exclusively in English.

Flying Teachers offers our Celta course participants the opportunity to gain teaching experience through a paid internship (Supervised Teaching Practice). The programme gives the the novice teacher the opportunity to teach real learners under our supervision.

Do your CELTA with us and don't miss this great opportunity!

If you are interested in such an internship, please apply for your Celta course with us: teachertraining@flyingteachers.com

Further details on our courses and modules in the area of ​​continuing education for teachers are available at our information days in Zurich or Bern. We are looking forward to your visit!
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CELTA-Courses with Flying Teachers

Flying Teachers offers full-time CELTA courses. The course will teach you the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners. You will have hands-on teaching practice, observe experienced teachers in the classroom and complete four practically focused written assignments.

Our courses are designed to help you gain the certificate and make the course an enjoyable learning experience. Our CELTA Centre trainers have a reputation of being supportive and helpful: More than 500 teachers have done the CELTA with us.

The CELTA is both a challenging and a professionally rewarding experience. Trainees should be prepared to devote hours of study/research outside the training sessions each week. It is highly recommended that candidates have no other commitments during this time.

You will be assessed throughout the course, with no final examination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge ESOL, moderates each course.

Flying Teachers has been organizing CELTA courses since 2002 and we hire and have hired lots of English teachers through CELTA. Please refer to the last page of the application form for CELTA to understand the Flying Teachers Supervised Teaching Practice Programme (STP).

  • The aim of the STP programme is to provide the Flying Teachers CELTA graduates with an opportunity to acquire a minimum of 80 teaching hours in a supported environment. The trainees teach groups of adult learners, using a coursebook and following detailed course programmes prepared by the Flying Teachers Teacher Training Department.
  • The teachers get paid for taking part in this teacher training programme.
  • The teachers receive a detailed certificate of participation in the programme (Arbeitszeugnis) describing what they have done during the month. Participating in STP does not mean that the candidate will be hired by Flying Teachers.
  • Our Quality Management Department and class observations will enable us to assess the success of the programme and the suitability of the new teacher to become a Flying Teacher. Based on that, the teacher might immediately become a member of our staff. This means that the teacher will have access to our intranet, being able to apply for the teaching positions we advertise on a daily basis. Our statistics show that we offer part-time teaching positions to 80% of the people who take part in the STF.

Every CELTA course is assessed by an external moderator. This is a comment about Flying Teachers made by the assessor who inspected the Flying Teachers CELTA course in July 2020:

The centre has taken exceptional care to ensure that its online CELTA course is delivered to
the highest possible standard in every area. The trainers work well as a team.

The Cambridge ESOL DELTA modules concentrate on deepening and developing your knowledge, skills and understanding of your role as an English teacher. This further education programme is designed for teachers with at least one year of practical teaching experience. You may book one single module or several, and you may attend them in any order. Each module is concluded with a certificate of achievement/attendance.

Cambridge ESOL DELTA Course Programme

You can choose between the following modules:

  • Module One provides the theoretical background to teaching and learning.
  • Module Two focusses on the development of professional practice, and stipulates a minimum of 4,000 hours of teaching.
  • Module Three concentrates on assessments and course planning in special settings (e.g. young learners, ESOL, English for Special Purposes, 1:1), we have various possibilities on offer.

The course is held in its entirety in English. DELTA registration form 2022

The purpose of Module One is to:

  • develop candidates’ knowledge of historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
  • increase candidates’ critical awareness of approaches and methodologies and the way they are used in a range of English language teaching contexts
  • extend candidates’ knowledge of language systems and skills and the ways in which they are used
  • increase candidates’ knowledge of learners’ problems in developing language and skills proficiency
  • enable candidates to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and resources in a range of English language teaching contexts
  • increase candidates’ knowledge of the role and methods of assessment

The purpose of Module Two is to:

  • develop candidates’ awareness of the ways that different circumstances affect the learning and teaching of English, and factors affecting the individual’s ability to learn
  • develop understanding of the different roles of teachers and the principles underpinning them in the context of English language teaching
  • develop the skills to plan lessons for different learning abilities
  • develop the knowledge and skills to support learners in a range of contexts
  • develop candidates’ beliefs about teaching and help them to evaluate their own performance and to improve as a teacher
  • broaden candidates’ understanding of teaching as a professional practice
  • develop expertise in spoken and written communication within their professional roles

Become a Business English specialised teacher by taking part in our DELTA in Business English. The course offered by Flying Teachers will enable you to:

  • develop your knowledge in relation to Business English
  • develop your knowledge of the principles of curriculum design and assessment
  • use practical ideas with your Business English learners that we provide you with in the course
  • support and develop your learners’ communicative competence in Business English speaking and writing skills

The Flying Teachers DELTA Module Three preparation course focusing on YL teaching will enable you to:

  • understand the theories and principles underlying effective YL teaching and how children learn
  • identify the children’s needs and level
  • design a course taking the learners’ needs into consideration
  • select course material and teaching resources
  • understand assessment and testing in the teaching of YL


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The Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test Preparation Course will focus on:
Exam Tasks that aim to prepare you for the TKT Modules

English Teaching Methodology focusing on key principles related to the Teaching of English as a foreign language (This part of the course is very practical and aims to prepare you for the job market)

TKT Modules

The Teaching Knowledge Test (The TKT) is a test developed by Cambridge English Assessment for teachers who teach other languages. It is designed to test candidates‘ knowledge of concepts related to language and language use, and the backgraound to and practice of language teaching and learning.

You can take TKT whatever your background and teaching experience. It is suitable if you are:

  • either a pre-service or a practising teacher
  • teaching primary, secondary or adult learners
  • a non-first language or first language English speaker
  • a teacher who wants to gain formal recognition of your experience, keep your teaching skills up to date and develop your career opportunities.

You ideally need to have English proficiency at CEFR Level B1 or above.

Important : Flying Teachers accepts TKT as a recognised teaching qualification but new teachers might be asked to give a trial lesson before being hired. Unlike CELTA, teachers who have passed TKT  Modules 1, 2 and 3 will only be able to teach up to 200 hours a year. In order to teach for an unlimited number of hours, we recommend CELTA

Goal and Target-Audience

Pre-service/Preparation for CELTA or even DELTA ; Pre-service Course to work for Flying Teachers

Adults who would like to acquire a first Teacher Training Qualification and teachers already working in adult learning institutions. For people who teach Young Learners, we recommend the TKT: YL.

We are happy to provide you with further details and information:
Tel: 044 350 33 44